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The secret of her success is:
Humility, Sensitivity and Respect.

Yes, it is true that all great italian wines were and come from medium-small wineries, and it is also true that in this era of globalization their exportation is continuously becoming more difficult. The markets are invaded by large wineries which are not always representative of the fine Italian quality wines.

What could be done to help the image of the fine quality Italian wines in the world ?

Patrizia Leonardi Wine Selection ( PLWS ) was established in 2013 to tackle this issue.

Armed with her acclaimed experience and professionality, Patrizia Leonardi selects, carefully, a variety of wineries, uncompetitive among themselves, that represent the excellency of Italian vineyards. Together these wineries participate in Fairs, Trade Shows, and Tastings with the aim of promoting and intensifying the culture, knowledge, and consumption of Italian Wines abroad.

Commercial relationships are established with qualified importers and buyers, giving them the possibility to buy in groupage. In addition they operate actively in the various PLWS areas, with tastings and in cooperation with the sales force.

Today PLWS is present in many countries in the world and aims, in the next few years to become a tradmark of quality for Italian Wines worldwide.

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